Managing a programming course can be quite a challenging thing to do – you will find yourself taking in a lot of detail that probably will require vigorous study to get your head around. However, the best thing about learning programming and coding is that you can find the most detailed and engaging tutorials an textbooks all about how to learn these programs in an up-to-date and enjoyable manner.

However, the range of texts out there to use as a reference are growing by the day; using the following books can help you get the details you need to successfully program;

Learning Python, 5th Edition

This is hugely successful and is the #1 Games Programming book out there on Amazon. It’s by Mike Lutz, and is well worth looking into if you need on understanding just how to start learning Python. You’ll get details, results, and exciting tidbits throughout this book.

Python Release Pocket Reference

Again made by Mark Lutz, this gives you a whole host of useful things to remember about Python. Does something have you stumped? Then the details in this easy to ready manual can be just what you require to get things working as they should be.

C# programming for Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this can be the perfect place for anyone to start plying their trade. C# is hard work so be sure to give this consideration if you go down that path. This can be the gentlest introduction to C# you’ll find.

Microsoft Visual C# 2013

This step-by-step guide is made by John Sharp and can give you all the help that you need to really understand the development side of C# and how to best utilize it. A must read-text for anyone involved with C#, especially if you are just learning.


Learning to build websites is very important, and takes a considerable amount of information to get it done properly – this book, though, will help you learn the key components. HTML and CSS are vital parts of modern web development, and this can teach you the key tricks.

Cracking the Coding Interview

This will help you really understand where you are going with programming as it breaks down 150 different problems with a detailed, intricate solution. You’ll learn huge amounts from this book just by reading through each solution and seeing how the experts behind this solve it.

Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby

Using Ruby can be a solid task for even the most informed and developed of programmers – to get it right; you really do need to plan things in a unique fashion. Getting there takes time and patience, but this book can be your perfect companion.

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